Sunday, November 07, 2004

Maporama Weekend on BOP News!

The fabulous (and I mean that from the bottom of my heart) Barry Ritholtz of BOP News is hosting an extended weekend of cartographical election analysis. If you liked the United States of Evangelicals Map then you have to check out Barry's political map gazetteer, "We've Gone Map Crazy!"

Map Day is now officially Map Weekend!

We know the Red State/Blue State dichotomy is really misleading -- it doesn't accurately reflect the US.

So I gathered up, in all their cartographic glory, a series of election map post-mortems. (They were just lying around the internet gathering dust anyway).

These graphic representations of the election's outcome are thought provoking and even humorous.

Proportional Electoral Map
this one is my favorite -- because land doesn't vote, people do

Red States Feed at Federal Trough, Blue States Supply the Feed
So much for self-reliance

Popular Vote, Population Density
similar idea

Red & Blue World
You know how the States voted; Here's how the World did

Purple America
a sentimental favorite

The Kids Are Alright
How the Youth of America voted . . .

2000 vs 2004 County by County Election Results

Where did their votes come from?
an interesting 3D comparison

Electoral College Over Represents Rural Areas
no kidding?

which leads to the very sad
Voting: Free versus Slave States
Look how far we’ve come as a country

Demographics versus Geography
For when you finally get sick of maps

New America redistricted
DeLay loves redistricting, so . . .

and just for laughs, Jesusland
guaranteed to offend someone

Cartographic political analytics -- fun for the whole family!

Now, with bonus tracks!

Red & Blue States
Who pays the taxes, who spends the taxes.

How Red or Blue Am I?
State by state margins of victory

Keep those maps coming! If you've got more maps, let me know and I'll pass it on to Barry, or leave your comments for Barry directly on BOP News.