Sunday, December 05, 2004

Looking up (Moon occults Jupiter)

On Monday night/Tuesday morning 6-7 December the moon will occult Jupiter for eastern North America (US and Canada). Disappearance will be as early as 02:40 CST for Kansas, 03:50 EST for Eastern Time Zone states, and as late as 05:10 AST for New Brunswick and Nova Scotia: Time zones aside, the further east you are the later it happens. Reappearance will occur as little 20 minutes later for Florida or as much as 70 minutes later for the mid-Atlantic states. Reappearance will be visible as far west as the Rocky Mountain states and eastern Alberta shortly after moonrise. For most latitudes north of Florida--including southern Canada--the occultation will last 50 minutes to an hour. The Moon is waning so its reappearance will show dramaticly against the Moon's unlit limb.

Save the date! Good luck and clear skies!