Tuesday, March 15, 2005

And then they came for the scientists...

Via Guns, Germs & Steeled, Published in The Nashua Telegraph on March 8, 2005 with the title: Scientists Under Stress

To The Nashua Telegraph

Dear Editor:

Regarding the Telegraph article, “Bush said to stifle voice of science” on Monday. As a former Research Scientist for the National Park Service, I find it a sad day for America that our government is intimidating scientists to reach conclusions based upon politics and not facts. Some who have not towed the line have been forced to resign in frustration or have been fired for specious reasons. Which young scientists will choose government service if they know that their future conclusions will be pre-determined by development interests and/or government mandate?

Stephen Nodvin
Nashua, New Hampshire

Remind me: at what stage in the progression of facism to they quash the intellectuals? And who comes next?