Thursday, March 31, 2005

A big mushy thank you from your hostess

I want to thank everyone who has dug deep in their pockets to make a contribution to Janet Oleszek already. Man oh man, you are an impressive and generous group of people. The first quarter filing deadline is midnight tonight, and everything you've given will make a big difference. But don't let the deadline hold you back: Janet's campaign is in fundraising mode from now till November, and anything you can give really helps, so if you've been thinking of making the click but haven't made your donation yet, do yourself a favor and invest in some good government.

It's a great feeling to be part of community like this and know that you can reach out, and people will come through for you. Thanks everyone, from my heart. Janet Oleszek is someone I have a tremendous personal and professional admiration for. You couldn't be helping out a nicer, harder working, or more deserving person. Thanks again for your generosity.

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