Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Black Solution is the Brown Solution

I wrote earlier this week how BushCo's agenda to fracture the African American progressive vote includes GOP seducing black pentecostals. Today on Latino Pundit I read that now Pentecostals are actively targeting Hispanics.

Let's get real. The title of the Newsweek article LP links to, "The Battle for Latino Souls", should really read, "The Battle for Latino Votes". Because it's all about votes, GOP power, and eroding voting blocks that Democrats neglect and take for granted.

To keep all of this in perspective, bear in mind that the GOP got their foothold with white, rural Southern voters, *especially* in Texas, through their multi-decade campaign to infiltrate and dominate the Southern Baptist Convention.

So, let's revisit the solutions:

  • turnout voters outside the Pentecostal ranks targeted by the GOP
  • increase support for voter mobilization conducted by progressive Black and Hispanic clergy and secular institutions in '06 and '08.
  • document, expose, and fight like hell against the BushCo's infiltration and appropriation agenda in *every* community
  • get elected Democrats to unite to shut down the campaignistration elements that let the GOP drive the wedge issues that are fracturing the country, and put "faith based bribery" initiatives at the top of this list.
  • and, if you're up for something really radical, how about separating church and state and kicking Bush and his cohorts out of the nation's churches while we're at it
  • Religion as a branch of the one party state--watch for it coming to a GOP-targeted ethnic community near you.