Friday, March 25, 2005

Great Blogging Milestones

I just wanted to pass on some great news in the blogging community.

The Progressive Women Bloggers Ring just added its 100th blog. Carla of Preemptive Karma has been very generous in pointing out that some discussions here on Tsuredzuregusa back in August about "the female loop" was part of the germinating process that got the blog ring started. In return I have to say that hard work and actual realization of the blog ring are all thanks to her. Progressive women bloggers who would like to join the blog ring can sign up here.

Also this week, Morgaine at What She Said!" notes that the Progressive Women Who Blog Politics blogroll just welcomed their 500th blog--the appropriately named Bloodless Coup. ;) (Knowing the total, I no longer feel guitly for how long it takes me to read through the blogroll.)

What a collection of outstanding resources. Brava, Carla and Morgaine (and Morgaine's talented crew of helpers) for the wonderful tools you have built.


I meant to add to this post originally, Genia Stevens of Sisters Talk has made two great additions to the blogging community:

The Blogs by Women Directory - go find great blogs bywomen on every topic you can imagine. They've added their 100th blog this week and they are aiming for 1000 blogs by June. A tremendously broad (in every sense) and inclusive resource.

The New Jane: Blog Ad Network for Women - I'm doing my part, with a New Jane Ad in the sidebar. I'm not "ad-oriented" as a general rule, but Genia has a good thing going here for all of use, and I'd like to help out.

Brava, Genia, and thank you.

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