Wednesday, March 23, 2005

It's about Abortion, Stupid

Republic of T asks what's the difference between Terri Schiavo and Sun Hudson?

The difference isn't about race or economic status: it's about stagecraft, about symbol manipulation, about postmodernism--about evaluating human beings in terms of their exploitable potential as religious-political icons.

And What Do I Know has broken the code:
...But it's not ignorance of the facts; these people don't care that poor Terri has no functioning brain, that her cerebral cortex doesn't exist. In fact, that's exactly WHY they've chosen her for their right-to-life poster girl.

In poor Terri, they've found the perfect fetus-surrogate.

Here's a fully-formed fetus-like adult, who smiles, blinks, perhaps sucks her thumb, with help. She even stars in her very own DVD! If they can get a judge somewhere, anywhere—a congress will do even better—to declare a person without a cerebral cortex has a right to live despite the attempts of her husband (read "mother") to intervene, then they've won an important battle....

[Emphasis added.]

The political agendas behind the Republicans' overreaching machinations to invade the Schiavo family are complex and multifold: it is about red meat for their religious extremist base; it is about trampling states' rights; it is about the public exercise of power, and in this case, thinly-veiled theocracy; it is about full-out assault on the separation of church and state; it is about fascism...the list goes on. Just make sure you add abortion to that list.


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