Monday, March 21, 2005

A Joyous Floating Friend to Brighten Your Day

August Strindberg with his joyous floating friend Helium depicted on a mousepad I just stumbled across Strindberg & Helium via Barak Yedidia's Blog. The site includes 4 animated shorts (with the promise of more to come!) showing the adventures of that famous Swede August Strindberg, granted somewhat of a downer kind of guy, along with his joyous, floating friend, Helium--who functions as a kind of spherical, pink, floating greek chorus.

Don't you wish *you* had your own personal joyous, floating friend?


My family has always loved surreal, random, absurdist stuff like this... I understand that people who come from more normal families or had more normal childhoods may not be able to appreciate the wonder of Strindberg & Helium. What a sad, bleak world that must be.

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