Sunday, March 13, 2005

Meet my favourite new blogger

One of the great progressive candidates I am working with this cycle, Janet Oleszek*, has just got her campaign blog up and running.

It is the first time Janet has blogged, and to the best of my knowledge, she has the first candidate blog in the history of Virginia state-level politics.

Plus, Janet's doing a damn fine job. She's a school board member, and has been a local education activist for over 20 years, and her blog is full of informed opinions and current information about education issues in her community (vs the stuffy, one-to-many press releases of many wannabe campaign blogs last cycle).

I don't ask for favors often, but I'm asking one now: go say hello and give her some fellow-blogger encouragement at

Thanks, folks.

*If the name Janet Oleszek sounds familiar, and you're not from Virginia, you might recognize her from an article I wrote about the importance of school board elections that mentioned her last year. :)