Saturday, March 19, 2005

New RPV website

Waldo has done such a great job writing up the new Republican Party website, that I am shamelessly cribbing it from him word for word.
The Republican Party of Virginia has set up a new website. It looks good — it’s quite an improvement over their old site. On the downside, it has no RSS, it doesn’t flex, the front page is a whopping 107k (a 21 second download on a 56k modem) and the code doesn’t even come close to validating (of course, they’re Republicans — they’re opposed to international standards ;). They’ve made a bunch of fundamental mistakes that should never be found in a newly-launched website, but it all amounts to a big step forward for the RPV’s web presence.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for them to start a blog, like the Democratic Party of Virginia.

I do feel compelled to point out that I am *far* more fond of the Fairfax County Republican Commitee website, because of great features like:
  • Delegate Albo, in session, pondering a gravy stain on his tie (that *is* gravy, isn't it, Dave?);
  • Tom Davis's high school year book photo; and
  • waaaaay down at the bottom, G.W. making his case to Barbara Bush why he should be allowed to stay up late on a school night.
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