Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Solution to Bush's "Black Solution"

Glen Ford and Peter Gamble, co-publishers of The Black Commentator, deliver a one-two punch this month with two great articles deconstructing the GOP pitch for Black votes.

Al Jolson in and out of blackface makeupWe're talking about Michelle Malkin in blackface, folks. Read on for details on how the GOP is making progress in infiltrating the Black political community (and I do mean infiltrating in the absolutely most pejorative sense), as well as what Democrats can do about it.

On, Ford and Gamble look at the nuts and bolts of how Bush achieved a slight increase in his percentage of African American votes in 2004. The short version?--using wedge issues such as "faith-based initiatives," vouchers, gay-baiting, and the estate tax, to alienate blacks from teachers' unions, seduce opportunistic black clergy, and ultimately demolish Black political consensus. [Uncoincidentally, when I wrote earlier about Virginia politicians abandoning the base to chase swing voters, Black Pentecostals are specifically one of the groups they've been chasing.]

Back at home on The Black Commentator, they go a step further and look at the GOP m.o. we love to hate: appropriating community voices with front groups, with a detailed examination of how Bush et al are attempting to replace Black political leadership. If this looks and sounds familiar, that's because it is Kamal Nawash and the Free Muslims and Michelle Malkin all over again.

Rudy Texeira at Emerging Democratic Majority suggests that the solution to Bush's Black vote increase lies in "voter turnout outside the Pentecostal ranks targeted by the GOP, and more support for voter mobilization conducted by progressive Black clergy and secular institutions should prove to be a cost-effective investment in '06 and '08."

Um, Mr. Texeira? That's all well and good, but you are using campaign strategy to fight *campaignistration.* In other words, taking a knife to a gunfight.

Activists and leaders like Glen Ford and Peter Gamble are documenting, exposing, and fighting like hell against the infiltration and appropriation agenda of Bush's "New Black Leadership."

The missing piece is that elected Democrats need to get unite and shut down the campaignistration elements that let the GOP drive the wedge issues that are fracturing the Black political community.

Heh. I know you thought that "Black Solution" was going to refer to The Selective War to Promote on Drugs or The Selective War to Promote on Poverty...but I'm just looking at it from a public record political angle today.