Monday, April 11, 2005

Pas de Pape Canadien

I can not cheer for the prospect of a Canadian-born pope.

The CBC has noted that Quebec Cardinal Marc Ouellete is on a short-list of papal candidates. CBC has previously noted that Ouellet's regarded as papabili, or "pope-able."

  • Ouellet's views have been described as "conservative" and "aligned with the pope;"

  • On Jan 20, Ouellete issued an open letter to all Canadians attacking advances in GLBT civil rights in Canada as "offensive to the moral and religious sensibility;"

  • and finally, the last thing we need is an outbreak of Catholic fervor in Quebec. Seriously.
  • Are there *any* cardinals on the short list who aren't woman-hating, conservative homophobes? Any cause for hope?

    If any readers are following the selection process, I'd love to hear any good news about prospective new popes. My own fingers right now are crossed for Cardinal Godfried Danneels of Belgium, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera of Mexico and Cardinal Claudio Hummes of Brazil.

    Of course, since JP chose 114 of the 117 electors, the odds for a less extremist pope aren't great. But then, I work in Democratic politics: I'm good for long odds.

    Of course, if the cardinals' recent pronouncements to the press are correct, and it is indeed the agency of the Holy Spirit that makes the decision, we've got nothing to worry about.

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