Monday, April 11, 2005

Tech Savvy Virginia Politics


Years ago, I went to visit my brother in Vancouver when he was living in The Heatly, at the corner of Heatly and Main: a welfare hotel build in the 30's? 40's? I think he may have been the only resident who was neither retired, nor a veteran, nor alcoholic (at least not full fledged), nor consumptive.

He decided to spruce the place up in honor of my pending visit. He went over to the health food store by Sweet Cherubim, and got a herbal mixture that was supposed to lure out roaches, and then poison them.

Only, the mix was wrong. All lure, no poison. It was bloody roach-nip.

His apartment became spring break for roaches, Ft. Lauderdale and Mazatlan rolled into one. Roach City. Roach Mardi Gras. Roaches were coming on buses from other time zones. It was out of control.

We both stayed at his girlfriend's place. For a week.

I roll out this story for your edification because, as fellow bloggers and blog readers, you will have all experienced that strange phenomenon of "troll-nip"--a post or topic that pulls trolls out of the woodwork.

The original iteration of this post was sheer troll nip. Verging on troll-cocaine, actually, from the housekeeping I've had to do here.

Well, I'm in the middle of moving, as stated above. I have no patience for trolls, and a heavy delete key, but right now, I just don't have the resources to smack their little trolly bottoms.

So, you if you have followed a link from elsewhere to this post, you are getting a little story about roach nip instead of the advertised fare.

And I go back to the more pressing concerns of real life (like carrying boxes up 3 flights of stairs, and getting Democrats elected), until I have the time to shine a bright light as needed and make the trolls scatter back under the refridgerator.

Happy reading, happy blogging, happy living--and don't step in the troll-nip.

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