Monday, April 11, 2005

US anti-choice politics infiltrating Canada

Julia at Julia said reprints Heather Mallick's Globe and Mail column exposing the US anti-choice activists behind an anti-abortion fraud group in Canada.

The kicker: through an affinity credit card program, the Bank of Montreal is giving money to support the anti-choice scheme.

Go read the entire article.

I hope you'll join Heather Mallick and I, along with the Canadian choice community, in boycotting the Bank of Montreal.

In the bigger picture, though, this is just a shot across the bow: look for more US extremist groups to try to promote the radical republican agenda of gay-baiting, racism, woman-hating, and war-mongering in Canada.

Having Canada as a civilized country on their doorstep is a major embarrasment for republican extremists and they are already doing something about it. Canadians who care about sovereignty, tolerance, and civil liberties need to take that threat seriously, and hit back hard.

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