Thursday, May 05, 2005

Celebrity Fly-By

With all the time I spend writing about politics here (when I am writing, that is, and not working in politics), I was delighted to receive my first celebrity fly-by this week, when Leslie Byrne dropped by and left a comment in my post on the history of women in Virginia politics.

Leslie points out, and rightly so, that in addition to being the first woman that Virginia ever sent to Congress, her current L.G. bid also stands to make her Virginia's first woman Lieutenant Governor.

I have a great respect for Leslie's career, and the contributions that she and her husband Larry Byrne have made to Virginians across the Commonwealth and to the Democratic Party in Virginia.

Best wishes on the campaign trail, Leslie! My fingers are crossed that this year, in the primary and the general, we see a lot of victories for great women democrats.

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