Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Paul Lynde in the corner for a win

Arianna Huffington's celeb group blog, The Huffington Post, aka The Huffingblog, is now live...

...and, frankly, I'm disappointed.

The lady's got clout. She could have aimed higher.

I know that I'm not her target audience--she seems to be fighting for Oprah viewers, frankly; non-politico's who will be drawn to the star power and maybe pick up some political insight along the way.

Or, at least, I'm giving her credit that using big names to preach outside the choir must be her strategy.

Two big disappointments:
  1. The blog roll of celebs plus A-list bloggers is...boringly predictable, and predictably boring. Wonkette? Volokh? Puleeze. I was hoping she's send some linky love where it could do some good, and shine light on great bloggers in the trenches who deserve the attention, like abortion clinic days, Republic of T , Bag News Notes, or Latino Pundit. Even if she asked *her* bloggers to pick a favorite blog for the blogroll, that would be great. But her blogroll looks like a randsom selection of high-traffic blogs. It's like getting sports socks for Christmas.

  2. No Comments, no outbound links, no trackbacks. Quel dommage. For me, with rare exceptions, comments in particular make the blog.

    celeb posts + comments = blog

    celeb posts - comments = Hollywood Squares

    You know?

Ah well. I suppose Ms. Huffington's latest effort will thrive even without my almighty endorsement. ;) I hope good comes of it...and I hope it gets bloggier as it goes.