Saturday, August 13, 2005

Welcome to the Unmown Lawn

If this place was a front yard, I'd have a stack of citations from the city by now. Good thing it is called Tsuredzuregusa*.

(*To gloss that last comment for any readers who may not be fluent in Japanese or acquainted with traditional Japanese lit, the term approximates into English as "grass blown all the hell over the place" -- only in a more refined, harmonious sort of way, of course.)

Belated catch up:
I've been sick. Really sick. I'm not dying thankfully (although my docs have threated to leave me for dead if I ever work myself into the ground again the way I did in 2003/2004), but I'm just rotten, rotten sick. And, I haven't been online, or checked email, or tended to this blog in months. I am right now downloading 1100 email, which will join the other over 2000 unread email in my inbox. *sigh*

The unfortunate part of keeping a blog is that the act of not keeping it becomes conspicuous. I have been impossible to reach for some time (one year and counting of intermittant insomnia = phone ringer shut off), and I haven't meant to worry people. My apologies to anyone who was concerned or inconvenienced.

I stuck my nose in at BOP News the other day, and wrote some comments in response to a great article on a 50-state strategy by Ian Welsh that grew into not one but two stand-alone post. So, I'm cross posting them here, as well.

If you have an email mulching in the weedpile that is my inbox, I apologize. I really will reply, when I dig through to the non-spam mail...but I have no idea of how soon.

And, I know this place looks like a dog's breakfast. Template cleanups, etc., are honestly a pretty low priority right now. One day I'll suprise all y'all with a shiny new blog, though. If we all live long enough. (Take your vitamins!)

I have belatedly stumbled onto news of Waldo and Chad's Bipartisan Virginia Blogger Conference at the Sorensen, and my fingers are crossed that I can attend. It was a huge pleasure to meet Lowell Feld and Maura Kearny in April, and I look forward to adding more faces to the roster of blogging names I admire.

I hope *you* are all doing well. I hope to be reading through your blogs and catching up with your great writing over the next few weeks, too.