Tuesday, September 27, 2005

7 Things Indeed!

Okay, Dru just tagged me with this, so I'm getting it out of the way before it slips my sieve-like mind. (And Zeeb, I know you hit me with the book thing, oh, about a million years ago. I haven't forgotten. Your patience will be rewarded -- one day.)

Seven things I plan to do before I die

Okay, this list is hard for me, because I'm not in a good place for making plans right now. (Illness and insomnia conspire to preclude making commitments much more than 15 minutes ahead of time.) So many of my goals right now are about picking up parts of my life that my health have put on hold. *sigh* But here goes...

1. Take my husband to Japan and France.
2. Live at one address long enough to unpack.
3. Finally introduce my family to my husband's family in South Carolina.
4. Get back into singing.
5. Get back into acting/theatre sports/improv/dinner theatre.
6. Just once, have a job in an organization that I believe in; which, in return, pays me market rate for my contribution; and which gives me a long enough leash that I can work at my full potential; in a job, that doesn't work me to the point I fall ill.
7. Visit Newfoundland and the Territories.

Seven things I can do
1. Sing the Queen of the Night Aria from The Magic Flute and hit the F above high C.
2. Play piano with my feet.
3. Speak French and Japanese (very, very rusty right now).
4. Touch type - 120 wpm/English; 90 wpm/French.
5. Re-load my .36 caliber Allen Hopkins underhammer black powder rifle in under 45 seconds.
6. Write speeches that make people stand up and cheer.
7. Cross-country ski.

Seven things I can't do
There's all kinds of things that I can do but choose not to do. Trying to come up with things that I just absolutely can't do was a little harder.

1. Vote. (I work in American politics but I'm not a citizen and can't vote here. Drives me nuts.)
2. Maintain normal sleep patterns. (Note the timestamp on this posting.)
3. Follow incompetent leaders.
4. Rollerblade.
5. Tolerate tobacco smoke
6. Hear what's so funny about how I prounounce "out and about"
7. Sit through cheesey Hollywood rip-offs of international films

Seven things that attract me to people of the opposite (and same) sex
1. Compassion
2. Humour
3. Brilliance
4. Passion (for anything)
5. Awareness of interdependence
6. Open-mindedness
7. Spirit/Sass/Spunk/Courage
8. Bonus! - intellectual curiosity/desire to learn

Seven things I say the most
1. It's very serious.
2. Excellent!
3. Sou desu ka? (Japanese for "Oh, really?" or, "Is that so?" It can be neutral or sarcastic, as in English.)
4. Hooray!
5. Ocha o kudasai/houjicha o kudasai (Japanese for "could you get me some (green) tea/could you get me a cup of hoji tea?")
6. You are a bug! (to my husband, of course)
7. references to grinding up poor people to make into sausages

Seven celebrity crushes
1. Jon Stewart
2. Andre Braugher
3. Roberto Bennini
4. Hugo Chavez
5. Aung San Suu Kyi
6. Paul Krugman
7. Alan Alda as Hawkeye Pierce

Seven crush-worthy bloggers
1. Dru
2. Ian
3. Terrance
4. Kenton
5. Ellen
6. Jeanne
7. Zeebah

So, do consider yourselves tagged, and pass this one on. :)

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