Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bush displaces Democrats at his own peril

Stirling Newberry writes on BOP how Bush ignored FEMA warnings on natural disasters to focus on Iraq--possibly motivated, in part, because FEMA's concerns were about coincidentally Democratic political strongholds.

Well, I've been thinking about the "breaking up democratic strongholds" too.

And in Texas in 2006, the GOP may rue Bush's decision to destroy New Orleans through willful ignorance/negligence/politicking.

One of the consequences of Katrina will be a big wave of African American migration-- the historic exodus of 500,000 people. The question remains of how many refugees will permanently resettle, and how many, eventually, will return home.

Given the number of people who have been evacuated from Louisiana to Texas (250,000 and counting), it will be interesting to see what the implications are for the Texas electorate--especially since Texas Republicans have been working so hard at gerrymandering the redistricting to ensure that the only Democrats who can get elected, if at all, are African Americans and Hispanics. Even putting aside the issue of traditional Democratic constituencies, regardless of how the displaced of New Orleans may have voted in the past, they have no reason to love the GOP right now.

I am hoping against hope that Bush's criminal negligence will serve to hamstring the Republican Party in Texas as well as many of the other 12 states were Katrina/Bush refugees have landed so far. And oh look--Texas has a gubernatorial election in 2006. Interesting.

I'm hoping Glenn Smith will weigh in on this. And Rudy Teixeira as well.