Thursday, September 15, 2005

Personal Soundtrack

Now, first of all, I don't want a personal soundtrack. Or rather, not again.

One Christmas, when I was home for the holidays from McGill, my younger brother offered (threatened) to "be" my personal soundtrack as my present. He's an incredibly talented musician (and graphic designer, not that it's relevant--I'm just hugely proud of him), so I thought it sounded like a good deal.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

He followed me around with a guitar, improvising music, starting first thing in the morning. I think we started with some Faure-esque "waking up music" (note: I'm not a morning person), followed by some very dramatic, Spanish Flameco-style "tooth-brushing music". I also got my very own theme motif, for my "entrance music", also very dramatic of course, for EVERY TIME I walked into a new room in the house. Including the hallways.

I think we lasted about 30 minutes, and got as far as "pouring milk on cereal music," before it got waaaaaaaaaaay too annoying. More than that, it was impossible to function when we were all laughing.

I may have the chronology wrong, but this may have been the year *after* I bruised up like a car-wreck from having my wisdom teeth out over the holidays, and he wrote me my own song called "I am a Panda."

At any rate, the moral of the story is: Personal Soundtracks are a BAD idea.

However, IF I were in the market for a personal soundtrack, and my fabulously talented brother wasn't available, my next choice would clearly be The Liberal Avenger. TLA has some music up on his site that has been blowing my mind.

(I haven't been around the blogosphere for a while, so the music and the new site design are delightful surprises.)

At any rate, if you'd like to here some hypnotic Algerian pop or a new (to me) Anglo/Arab/Belge chanteuse, get thee over to his site. I've had Au Fond De La Nuit on repeat for a few days, and I find it mezmerizing.
What about songs that sum you up? Do you have a theme song or a song you identify with?

I don't know what *other* people might pick for me (er, other than dramatic tooth-brushing Flameco music, obviously), but I've always identified with Cat Steven's "Hard Headed Woman" (which is sort of the yang flip side to Stan Roger's "Witch of the Westmoreland", or, for that matter, Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne", both songs that I love, especially Nina Simone's cover of "Suzanne"). And, I would like to live up to Diamanda Galas's rendition of "I'm gonna live the life (I sing about in my songs)"...even if that is more a goal than a reality too much of the time.

Leaving your cornflake music out of the equation, what's "your" song?

And now, back to blissing out on Gnawa Diffusion....

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