Thursday, October 13, 2005

Be gone foul pottage!

We are experiencing the umpteenth consecutive cool and rainy day here in Richmond. The drop in temperature is lovely, but the stormy skies and humidity-driven fungal explosion have me feeling a little low. I am cloudy-headed myself, today, so while there are some articles I am looking forward to writing (yes, including my public nudity exploits), they shall have to wait for more lucid day.

In the meantime, some technical notes:

I am tired of this split-pea soup themed template. (Hence, the title of this post.) I have done minor customizations on blogger templates before, but I'm not really up to a Sistine Chapel scale project right now. Instead, I'm in the market for a new, free template I can adapt with only minor tweaks. I have looked at oodles of free template sites this week: unfortunately, since I am not a fan of San Rio, anime, neon, the colour pink, or cabbage roses...the pickings are a little slim. If anyone can make recommendations on a good place to find free templates, I'd love some suggestions.

I realize that Tsu takes a while to load. As part of renovations, I am hoping to both optimize the code (kludgey enough to contribute to slow load times currently) and also weed out the blog rolls.

I may test some new templates, sans tweaking, just to see how they feel live. I appreciate your feedback if things start looking...different.

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