Saturday, October 08, 2005

Dear Abby stands up against Parental Notification

If even Dear Abby rejects parental notification laws because they endanger children... do these bills keep getting passed across the country?

And on a related note, many thanks to the members of the Virginia House Health Committee who voted in the 2005 session to table HB1662, Lingamfelter's (who else?) attempt to introduce parental notification laws in Virginia.

The folks who killed the bill: Hamilton, Purkey, Orrock, O'Bannon, Hogan, Athey, Spruill, Moran, Baskerville, Keister, Sickles, Ebbin, Howell, A.T., BaCote

The GOP die hards who voted for it: McDonnell, Nixon, Welch, Marrs, Nutter, Frederick, Janis.

Gee, that wasn't predictable.

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