Friday, October 21, 2005

Glorious History of Union Busting

I am reading the Jaques Levy biography of Cesar Chavez right now. I've been meaning to read up about Chavez for some time because of he was such a tremendous, progressive field organizer, and because I know so little about the history of organized labour in America. I'll have more to write about Chavez as I digest the book.

Off the bat, though, I have a question I'm hoping a reader here might be able to answer. I'm reading right now about how, when the Associated Farmers was formed in the 1930's to break up union organizing, major financers included Bank of America and Safeway.

I wanted to know, have Safeway and Bank of America ever apologized for this? Have they ever acknoledged the role they played in union busting and exploiting farm workers?

If readers can shed any light, I'm really curious.

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