Friday, October 21, 2005

Go, Mom, Go

Cool news from the Tsuredzuregusa family: I just talked to my mom, and she is looking at buying a computer. Soon I'll be able to send my mom email!

She said she was talking to the Mac dealership at home this week, and she is interested in getting a Macintosh because they are so user-friendly. She hasn't made up her mind between a Mac and PC, though.

The last time I lived in Kelowna (1994-1999), I was NOT impressed with the tech support available for Macs then. On the other hand, I generally wasn't all that impressed with the tech support for PC's either.

Now, my mom is super smart, but she has never really used computers before (mainly due to the fact that, up until her recently eye surgery, she could hardly *see* computers). I'm less concerned about user-friendliness, and more about finding a computer for her that will be easy to maintain.

I've been wondering if she might be wise to get a computer with a company like Gateway. I haven't dealt with Gateway myself, but I'm under the impression that their technical support is good and that it is easy to upgrade equipment with them.

So, I'm asking for your advice. Any suggestions on how to set my mom up with a computer package that will be painless for her? I don't know if she would agree with me (tonight was the first conversation of many on the topic), but right now my priorities would be:

#1 Quality Support
#2 Easy upgrade
#3 Ease of Use

with price coming in a distant fourth.

I really do appreciate your thoughts and advice on this.

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