Monday, October 31, 2005

Hack Watch: Ellen Sauerbrey Action Alert

Ellen Sauerbrey, Bush's nominee to head the Department of State's Population, Refugees and Migration Program, is an unqualified political crony of the same ilk as Bush flunkies Michael Brown and Harriet Miers. Sauerbrey has NO experience with refugee protection or responding to humanitarian emergencies. She is, however a Republican party loyalist, a Bush apologist, and an ideologue who is against science, condoms, birth control, and education, but is in favour of discrimination and violence against women. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee may vote on her nomination as early as Monday this week.

Opposition to Sauerbrey's nomination is already generating media coverage. If people take action to oppose Sauerbrey the way that netroots activists scuttled Indiana's attempt to criminalize pregnancy, we may be able to turn Sauerbrey from a "Brownie" tragedy to a "Miers" success story.

Please make your calls today:
  1. Contact the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (Sample phone script here from via Soap Box Chicago)
  2. Write your local media
  3. Write the top 100 US newspapers
  4. Contact your representatives in Congress
  5. Contact the White House
For more information on Sauerbrey, please see the Center for Health and Gender Equity's Top 10 Reasons to Oppose Sauerbrey's Nomination (.pdf document) or the BOP News Ellen Sauerbrey Exposé or our Ellen Sauerbrey Reader, an extensive compilation of information about Sauerbrey.

Hat Tip to Feministing for several of the action items.

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