Monday, October 17, 2005

If I was a car, I'd need jumper cables

No spark today, not even after a lie-in and umpteen cups of Hoji tea.

After our Saturday treat of lavender scones at The Green Lemon, we abandoned our plans for the rest of the day and came home to tuck me in. We watched Crimson Rivers/Les Rivieres Pourpres in bed on the laptop, and then I fell asleep around 3 pm and slept in until 5:30 a.m. Sunday.

Sunday, on the other hand, was a big day. We went for brunch at Luna Grove, grabbed some groceries at Ellwood Thompson, our natural food market; and then saw The Gospel at the Short Pump theatre across the road. Then we grabbed lunch at China Star, came home and watched Le Cage aux Folles II in bed, and re-watched Les Rivieres Pourpres with the audio commentary by the director, Jean Reno, and Vincent Cassel. (More on both movies, later, if my brain ever kicks back into gear.)

So, even if Saturday was cut short, Sunday was a big day for me.

I would probably fare better if I learned to pace myself more on weekend, and if I were more gracious about accepting these fallow days when they happen, and just lie back in bed with a novel and my feet propped up. No vetch or clover growing on me, alas.

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