Friday, October 07, 2005

Indiana Assisted Pregnancy - We're Number 4!

Our Tsuredzuregusa post on the Turkey Baster Bill is now the Number 4 Google result for "Indiana" and Assisted Pregnancy." Thank you to everyone who has linked here to help spread the word about this bill.

You can find the full series of Turkey Baster Bill posts here:
Part I Intro to the Bill
Part II Republican Strategy
Part III Bill Update
Part IV Supreme Court Resource Roundup
A big Tsuredzuregusa welcome to all of the new readers who are joining us via your Google searches. We are a comment-friendly blog, so if you have a question or something to add, please join in the conversation.

Even though the bill is dead (for now), we can take important political lessons on Republican strategy and tactics from this exercise. Our best way to stop the Republicans is to shine a light on what they do.

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