Friday, October 21, 2005

Two quick questions

We have no tv, so to see Jon Stewart, we watch The Daily Show videos online via the Comedy Channel website. The drill isn't all that different from getting access to Salon: you click on the video, you watch a cheesey little ad, and then you get to see the Daily Show clip. One of the ads in high rotation on the site is a recruiting Ad for the US army. And, I just *have* to ask:

1. Am I the only one who finds strong homo-erotic elements in the ad?
Maybe it is the poignant moments and meaningful pauses that litter the ad. Maybe it's because the headgear makes it look like the ad was shot backstage at a Village People audition. Maybe it is the NAMBLA-esque, read-my-eyes-not-my-lips glances between the older guy and the younger guy in the shot. I'm just saying, the ad gives off a very Queer Eye for the Gun Guy kind of feel.

2. Does the Army think that Daily Show fans are going to rush out and enlist because of these ads?
Call me a targetting snob, but...I'm just not seeing it.

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