Friday, November 11, 2005

Congratulations All Around

My sleep is messed up, yet again, so blogging has been light. But, in response to a kind compliment from DBK in a post below, I want to set the record straight on who the giants are around here.

Here in Virginia, aside from the obvious suspects of the candidates, staff, volunteers, and candidate families (who really are unsung heroes in the world of politics), I want to thank and recommend the local Virginia bloggers who did an exceptional job of monitoring, fact-checking, and adding cogent commentary and levity to this year's election, most notably Lowell Feld and his crew at Raising Kaine, Waldo Jaquith, Kenton Ngo, Alice Marshall, Watchdog VA and Liberal Rage.

To my own great frustration, I've been spectacularly sick throughout the political year. I wasn't able to do much in the way of local Virginia blogging, and I didn't muster up much campaign work beyond some light consulting work this year.

I am also coming slowly to the conclusion that my health at this point pretty much precludes any future employment in the high-stress, 12-hour-day, 7-day-week world of campaign jobs. (Although, to be honest, if I am healthy enough in time I would still love to work on Mark Warner's presidential primary.) The consolation is that it is still possible to consult without killing myself, and instead of playing a hands-on role for one campaign, I can make a positive impact in a smaller consulting role on 2 or 3 at a time--and through holding trainings and workshops, enable vaster numbers of people to excel in hands-on roles. I am certainly very proud and excited about the great political work performed this year by many of the students I mentor. I still do miss the immediacy of campaign jobs, though.

Big congratulations to DBK and his New Jersey blogging colleagues, as well as the local bloggers around the country who plays important roles in the big Democratic wins this week.

I am extremely excited to see how together we can carry this momentum into 2006.

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