Friday, November 18, 2005

Detention by the Numbers

83,000 - foreigners detained as enemy combatants by US military in the past four years--in most cases without charges or access to legal counsel.
5,569 - detainees held for more than six months.
3,801 - detainees held more than a year.
229 - detainees locked up for more than two years.
108 - detainees known to have died in U.S. military and CIA custody as of March 2005.
26 - deaths investigated as criminal homicides.
400 - criminal investigations of military personnel
95 - military personnel charged with misconduct.
75 - military personnel convicted.
100 to 150 - foreigners believed to have been seized by CIA officers and sent to countries that sanction torture ("extraordinary rendition"), including Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt.
2 - guilty pleas to lesser charges, by Americans Yaser Esam Hamdi and John Walker Lindh.
1 - guilty plea to charges of terrorism, by Zacarias Moussaoui.
83,000:1 - detention to conviction ratio

These numbers do not reflect numbers of prisoners detained in the network of known or suspected "secret" CIA facilities, some of which have been located in places including Thailand, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, whose existence the CIA continues to officially deny.

Via Washington Post.
Flogging the Simian also has an excellent roundup of international press coverage.

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