Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Great White Hero Rides Again

After Bush's pitiful performance at the Summit of the Americas, which Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Bush left "with his tail between his legs", Bush is now blundering through East Asia for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Pusan, South Korea.

At his Kyoto press conference yesterday, Bush lectured Asian countries on how to get it right and be a cool country like America. Among his unsolicited advice:
Bush described communist-run China as an example of a society that had taken steps towards more openness but had "not yet completed the journey". Bush then proceded to step squarely into a steaming pile of US foreign policy on "One China," by praising Taiwan to the detriment of the mainland PRC. Beijing, which Bush visits on Saturday, is not expected to be amused.

Bush also criticized Myanmar for "rape, torture, execution and forced relocation," and had harsh words for North Korea. In fact, Bush had the gall to moralize that Myanmar's troubles began when the government failed to recognize the validity of legal election results.
Pot. Kettle. Etc. Bush clearly has no sense of irony--and it is long established that he has no sense of hypocricy.

Perhaps when Bush's America "completes the journey" to openness and ends the practices of rape, torture, and execution, the world community will take more kindly to these hints from little George.

In the meantime, Bush can expect the same kind of welcome at the APEC summit as he received at the Summit of the Americas: riots in the streets and resistance from world leaders.

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