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Hack Watch: The Ellen Sauerbrey Reader

[Posted: Oct 31 Updated: Nov. 16 8:33 am] Ellen Sauerbrey represents one of the most egregious examples of Bush's corrupt cronyism. For the benefit of Readers following Sauerbrey's confirmation hearings, or the larger issue of Bush's unqualified Republican ideologue nominees, I have compiled an extensive bibliography on Sauerbrey, including blog, news, and editorial coverage of her nomination to the Department of State as Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM); the transcripts of her Oct. 25 confirmation hearing at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; and background information dating back to 1998. Please let me know as you find bad links (I'm sure there will be a few), and likewise, of any other resources that should be added to the list.

Bush is on the defensive right now and the Republican spin machine is going into overdrive. Sauerbrey's nomination provides a great and timely opportunity to point out the patterns of cronyism, corruption, and incompetence. Thank you for whatever you can do to make Sauerbrey a high-profile story.

Primary Sources

Senate Hearing Proves Sauerbrey Is Unqualified: Concerned Women Call for Defeat of Sauerbrey Nomination
, Center for Gender Health and Equity Press Release, Nov. 1 [pdf]
Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Hearing on the Nomination of Ellen Sauerbrey, October 25 [Click on the "Nominations" link video of hearings; Sauerbrey interview starts at approx. 35:55]
Excerpts from Sauerbrey Senate Hearing, Oct. 25 [PDF document]
Crowley Calls on Senate Foreign Relations Committee to Vote Down Ellen Sauerbrey Nomination, Office of Rep. Joseph Crowley Press Release, Oct. 25
Population Action International Urges Close Senate Consideration in Sauerbrey Hearing, Oct. 24
Women's Groups Call on President Bush to Withdraw Nomination of Ellen Sauerbrey as Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees, and Migration, Center for Health and Gender Equity et al Press Release, Oct. 19
Population Action International to Congress: Take a Close Look at Sauerbrey Before You Confirm, Oct. 3
Refugees International Statement on the Nomination of Ellen Sauerbrey, Sept. 1

Blog Coverage
Ellen Sauerbrey and the UN Population Fund, Alas, A Blog, Nov. 16
Bush's Nominees, Echidne of the Snakes, Nov. 15
Save America from the Next Michael Brown, The Blogging of the President, Nov. 15
UNFPA and the United States, Revolution in Progress, Nov. 7
Population Politics, The Carpetbagger Report, Nov. 7
Action Alert: Stop Ellen Sauerbrey, The Blogging of the President, Oct. 30
Another Inappropriate Bush Nominee, The Huffington Post, Oct. 28
The Next Chapter in the Hackocracy: Ellen Sauerbrey, The Blogging of the President, Oct. 26
And you thought Miers was scary?, Broadsheet, Oct. 26
A Man's Best Friend, The Blue Voice, Oct. 26
A Slighted Hack, The Plank, Oct. 26
Two and One-half More Cronies, BraveNewWorld, Oct. 25
Democrats Question State Department Nominee's (Lack of) Experience, Journalists Against Bush's B.S. (JABBS), Oct. 25
Quiz: do you know your nominees?, Lightbulb Bakery, Oct. 25
Bush appoints anti-reproductive rights crony with no experience to oversee Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, Democratic Wings, Oct. 24
More Cronyism From W, Got the Red State Blues, Oct. 12
Why Does Bush Appoint So Many Cronies?, On The Contrary, Oct. 12
The cronies are coming, the cronies are coming..., The "Bush"-Whacked Administration, Oct. 11
Wall To Wall Brownies, Mark Maynard, Oct. 11
Cronyism and Competence, Joe Scott: The Body Politic, Oct. 5
Bush Nominates Political Cronies To Key State Department, Homeland Security Posts ..., Journalists Against Bush's B.S. (JABBS), Oct. 4
The Racket of Mutual Back-scratching, Limbo, Oct. 2

Google Blog Search results for Ellen Sauerbrey
Technorati results for Ellen Sauerbrey

An Unfit Nominee, Orlando Sentinel, Nov. 16
Bush Nominates Another Crony, Capitol Hill Blue, Nov. 14
Sauerbrey Fails the Test, Salt Lake Tribune, Nov. 12
Bush Nominates Yet Another Crony, Oakland Tribune, Nov. 12
Find Qualified Nominee, Miami Herald, Nov. 10
Sauerbrey a Poor Pick for Humanitarian Post, Modesto Bee, Nov. 9
A Questionable Appointment, Harford Courant, Nov. 9
Consider Maryland, Providence Journal, Nov. 8
Another Bush Crony Deserves Rejection, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Nov. 7
A scandal is brewing far under the radar, Albany Times Union, Nov. 7
Wrong Message About Women, Des Moines Register, Nov. 2
Here we go agian: A Register-Guard Editorial, Oregon Register-Guard, Nov. 1
Another Crony Appointment?, San Antonio Express, Nov. 1
Here We Go Again, International Herald Tribune, Nov. 1
Michael Brown, Redux, New York Times, Oct. 31
A Novice for Refugees, Washington Post, Oct. 31
Loyalist not right choice, South Florida Sun Sentinel, Oct. 31
Sauerbrey Nomination Another Example of President's Cronyism, The Delaware News Journal, Oct. 30
Another Michael Brown, Palm Beach Post, Oct. 30
Briefly Put..., Editorial, Roanoke Times,Oct. 27
Friends of Bush, Baltimore Sun, Oct. 24
State Department Vacancy Another Worriesome Pick, Philadelphia Inquirer, Oct. 22 (requires registration)
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Cronyism, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Oct. 15
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Abortion Advocates Will Attack Pro-Life UN Nominee This Week, Lifenews.Com, Nov. 14
Sisterhood vs. Sauerbrey, National Review Online, Nov. 14
Sen. Mikulski Questions Nomination For State Post, WJZ Baltimore, Nov. 9
Sen. Mikulski Questions Sauerbrey's Qualifications for State Post, WJLA DC, Nov. 9
Mikulski voices doubts on Sauerbrey, Baltimore Sun, Nov. 9
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Delays Vote on Bush Nominee Sauerbrey, Ms. Magazine, Nov. 2
Despite foes, OK likely for nominee, Washington Times, Oct. 31
Sauerbrey says U.N. work readied her for refugees; Senate Democrats question her qualifications, opposition to abortion, Baltimore Sun,Oct. 26
Democrats Zero In On Another Nominee; Ability to Run Refugee Program, Washington Post, Oct. 26
Bush Nominee for Refugee Issues Draws Heat, Reuters, Oct. 25
Dems Question Bush's State Dept. Nominee, Fox Neww, Oct. 25
Bush's Pick for State Post Criticized, ABC News, Oct. 25
Democrats rap Bush's pick for State Department job, Reuters, Oct. 25
Bush nominee for refugee issues draws criticism, CNN, Oct. 25
Democrats take aim at Bush's pick for State refugee office,, Oct. 26
Sauerbrey expected to be confirmed, Baltimore Sun, Oct. 25
Bush's Pick for State Post Criticized, Associated Press [via Yahoo! News], Oct. 25
Cheers and Jeers of the Week: Bush Names Pro-Lifer, Women's eNews, Oct. 22
Sauerbrey's nomination to State post is opposed, Baltimore Sun, Oct. 20
Women urge U.S. president to withdraw nominee for top refugee and population post, Associated Press,Oct. 19
Another Bush Disaster Nominee Assailed, Inter Press, Oct. 19
Opposition Grows to BushÂ’s Population Office Nominee,, Oct 19.
Shades of FEMA's Brown in Bush Pick, by Ken Silverstein, Los Angeles, Oct. 1
President Bush Nominates Pro-Life Woman to Key Population Post, LifeNews, Sept. 1

Google News links for Ellen Sauerbrey

Who is Ellen Sauerbrey?, Planned Parenthood, Oct. 5, 2005
Sauerbrey remarks to Heritage Foundation, Sept. 7, 2005
Editorial: Shameful Women, The Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin), March 11, 2005
U.S. Disputes Reproductive Rights at UN, Associated Press, March 11, 2005
Ambassador Wrong for Women's Rights, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 9, 2005
US Tells UN Gathering that Beijing Declaration Did Not Include Right to Abortion, Indy Bay, March 8, 2005
Women Unanimously Reaffirm U.N. Blueprint For Women's Equality After U.S. Drops Abortion-Related Amendment, WHDH 7 Boston, March 5, 2005
U.S. Draws Jeers for Abortion Comments at UN, Reuters, March 4, 2005
Radical Right Goes Abroad, Think Progress, March 1, 2005
US presses UN on abortion. The Bush administration has insisted that a UN document on female equality clarify that abortion is not a fundamental right,, March 1, 2005
U.S. Ambassador Ellen Sauerbrey Visits Howard Center to Speak on U.N. Family Policy, U.S. Newswire, Jan. 20, 2005
A Family Affair. The Illinois-based World Congress of Families wants governments to decide what's natural, Ms. Magazine, Fall 2004
Sauerbrey Remarks to United Families International Defend Marriage Family Conference, Nov. 21-22, 2003
Our Girl at the U.N. Something New Blows Through The Halls, The National Review, March 21, 2002
Latest trick for fundraising: the check swap, The Baltimore Sun
Sauerbrey and D'Amato swap checks in campaign, Baltimore Sun, Dec. 22, 1998
For Sauerbrey, Past vs. Present, Washington Post, Oct. 12, 1998
Maryland's Thatcher: a Reagan conservative runs against America's most unpopular governor - Ellen Sauerbrey; Parris Glendening, The National Review, Aug. 17, 1998
Washington Post Q&A With Ellen Sauerbrey, June 2, 1998
Sauerbrey Answers Education Questions, Washington Post, June 29, 1998
Center for Health and Gender Equity's Top 10 Reasons to Oppose Sauerbrey's Nomination (.pdf document)
Sauerbrey remarks to World Congress on Families
Maryland for Bush Campaign Chairperson Ellen R. Sauerbrey Profile, Maryland for Bush 2000 website
Oppose Sauerbrey Nomination, Center for Gender Health and Equity
Progressive Government on Sauerbrey
SourceWatch on Sauerbrey
State Department biography
Wikipedia on Sauerbrey

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