Friday, November 18, 2005

Play the Partisan Game To Win

I just want to point out, gently but firmly, to all the well-intentioned progressive bloggers who are flogging the TortureIsNotUs site in favour of McCain's anti-torture amendment, that you're not opposing torture. You're opposing the 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidate and supporting Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain.

Rove and McCain and Mehlman held out the bait and you took it, hook, line and sinker.

You're setting McCain up as the anti-torture hero, when yet again, Dems couldn't muster the backbone to stand up effectively against not just bad policy but absolute evil.

So, big Democrats: could you take a break from hanging John Murtha out to dry to co-opt the anti-torture issue back from McCain and give us something to be proud of?

And progressive bloggers: could you think twice before you campaign for the Republicans?

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