Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Save America from the next Michael Brown

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes this week on the confirmation of Ellen Sauerbrey to head the state department program on population, refugees, and migration. She's another Republican hack/Bush crony in the mold of Michael Brown, and the job is essentially FEMA on an international scale. If Sauerbrey's nomination is confirmed, the consequences will be disastrous, particularly for the fight against AIDS in Africa. On the positive side, Sauerbrey is so obviously and grossly unqualified that there's real ammunition to block her confirmation...if we raise enough hell.

Just think ofhow many deaths could have been prevented if we'd been able to save FEMA from Michael Brown's appointment. Let's seize the chance to make up for it.

Please take action now. And, thank you for whatever you can do to raise attention to this story, while there's still time to make a difference.

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