Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Best of the Blogs: Best Posts of 2005

A/K/A What did I miss?

I know that a treasure trove of exceptional writing "rolled off the page" while I was away from my keyboard last year. Plus, I'd love to know what you have all been up to yourselves.

Thus, my question to you today is two-fold:

1. What was your own best post last year?

2. What was your favourite blog post that someone else wrote?

My favourite post from my own writing would be an article I posted on BOP, entitled "Please Comment. Seriously., that launched a conversation with reader there about why they do and don't comment. To be honest, I wrote a handful of political pieces that I was quite pleased with at the time as well, but I think Please Comment. is the most important thing I wrote last year: because I learned so much from it, because it changed my relationship with the readers and my role as a writer, and because it managed to engage so many of the readers in a real conversation.

Despite the number of exceptionally well-written posts I read on other blogs last year, the winner is easy: a hands-done, uncontested win goes to Dru Blood for Grave Digging 101. Do yourself a favour and go read one of the funniest things written, ever. Make sure you put your coffee down first, too (or, in my case, tea). And note that Dru's eponymous blog has recently moved to a new home, at drublood.com/, so update your blogrolls.

What are your picks? What did I miss? I look forward, with your help, to getting "caught up" here.

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