Monday, February 27, 2006

Blogging Live With Performancing

Don't you love running experiements in a live production environment?

I am composing this post with the href=" Blog Editor extension for Firefox.

I have noticed recently that I want access to a number of blogging tools and features that Blogger doesn't offer, but I also don't want to change blog platforms at this time. So, I've been looking into third-party services that will provide the tools I want and integrate with Blogger.

More specifically, I've been looking for easier ways to send (outbound) trackbacks, to add technorati and tags, and to spell-check and edit with a more robust tool than the spellchecker built into Blogger.

I had heard some good things about href="" as blog editing software, but decided to try Performancing first. Aside from the (pertinent!) fact that Performancing is free, and that I am already a Firefox user, Performancing seems to offer more support for a variety of tags.

Any Ecto or Performancing users out there? I'd love to hear why you chose one over the other and how you like using it.

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