Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dating Etiquette Question

Consider this a belated, topical romance post for Valentine's Day.

A girlfriend emailed me recently with a question on dating etiquette.

She's been on a (good) first date that was set up by a mutual friend. She was about to return the guy's call, and was looking forward to second date.

Her question: on the second date, who is supposed to pay?

My answer was that I like to be very upfront about things. I would just politely ask the guy what his expectations were--which strikes me as the easiest way of finding out.

Please note that tactics like this regularly frightened guys back when I was on the dating circuit. However, when I finally found a guy I couldn't scare off, I married him. It worked.

Back to my friend. She, unsurprisingly, was horrified at my advice and didn't find it helpful at all.

So, it turn it over to you, my expert panel. Is there a "standard" for who pays on the second date? How do you figure it out? And what would you do?

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