Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I've been Kawasakied

Guy Kawaski lamented today on his blog Let the Good Times Roll in a post on naming companies that one of his big disappointments in life is that his name "has too many syllables to become a verb."

Mr. Kawaski, I beg to differ. For I have just been Kawasakied.

To kawasaki:
1. To be generous with web links.
Also, to be kawasakied:
2. To be indundated with traffic from a generous, high-traffic blogger.

In other words, welcome to the new readers who are joining us via the link on Guy's blog.

Tsuredzuregusa is my personal blog, where I write about political strategy--particularly as it relates to grassroots campaigning and internet tools; the craft of blogging, french films, books, and anything else that catches my eclectic and wide-ranging interests.

New visitors are always welcome, and I invite and encourage you to join in the conversations here in the comments.

Ironically, I am about to launch a new blog connected with a new business venture...and I've been restraining myself from commenting on business blogs until the new site was up, or at least until I overhauled the template here at Tsuredzuregusa, but I couldn't resist jumping into the thread at Guy's blog.

Ah well. Life's like that. Sometimes you get Kawasakied when you least expect it.

New readers may enjoy starting with Tsuredzuregusa's greatest hits, the most popular posts over the last two years, including:
If you're interested in a heads up when the new business blog goes live, please check back here, leave a comment, or drop me an email. And, please make yourself at home right here and jump into the comments on any thread. I do receive notifications of comments on older threads and reply to them, so don't feel restricted to the main page. I look forward to meeting you.

And hey! Given that the power of naming is in the air, I'd love it if you'd consider jumping in and adding your thoughts to this post on the topic of blog names.

Update Guy adds very charmingly in the comments on his blog that "the verb "to shaula" would mean "to add value to a blog."" Thanks, Guy.

Which prompts me to ask the obvious question: if your name were a verb, what would it mean?

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