Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Make me say Amen

Quick recap: in a post entitled, "Corretta Would Have Said Amen, Terrance at Republic of T wrote that Rev. Joseph Lowry received a standing ovation during his remarks at Coretta Scott King’s funeral.

In response Nio, one of T's commenters, wrote: "...what bothers me most is the politicalization of funerals. I’m all for protesting and speaking my mind, talking truth to power, but *not* at funerals."

Now, I'm not talking about (or picking on) Nio. I'm also not talking about Coretta Scott King, or Rosa Parks, or Paul Wellstone. What I have to say here, I have to say about me.
My request for a funeral service,
hopefully far in the future

If I die before any of you, I hope you'll make it to my funeral--or at least consider yourselves invited.

If you make it to my funeral, I hope you'll make me say Amen.

I want you to stand up and testify,

tell truth to power.

sing and shout, and break a sweat, let your slip show, let your hair muss up.

Don't be ladylike or gentlemanly, mouth homilies and platitudes, pass little sandwiches on doilied platters, talk about the weather.

Go on and raise a stink.

Don't sanctify me, cannonize me, deify me, whitewash me.

Don't smooth off the rough edges, tuck in the corners, make me nice.

Don't make me boring, just because I'm dead.

Tell it like it is.

Rock the boat, ruffle feathers. Make someone laugh. Make someone cry.

Make me laugh. Make me cry.

Raise a joyful noise, a joyful noise.

Make me say Amen.


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