Saturday, February 18, 2006

(Un)Magnificent Obsessions

I am fairly regularly Googled by someone in Vienna, Virginia, with a Cox internet account, at IP address Most recently at 21:18:04 last night.

Now, I used to live in Vienna, and I have a number of great friends in Northern Virginia. But, I would expect them to just get in touch with me directly.

I consider myself to be quite an open person (an assumption which my Johari Window may or may not confirm), so I'd like to issue an invitation to whoever it is that has taken up Googling me as a new hobby:

Pipe up. Introduce yourself. Contact me directly. Leave a message here or send me an email.

Whatever you're trying to figure out...I'll probably be happy to just up and tell you, if you'd care to ask me directly.

And, if you choose to continue lurking, well, I'll just hope that without any further guidance I can find a way to generate entertaining Google results for you.

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