Sunday, February 12, 2006

What Marketers Know But Democrats Don't

I am reading the fascinating free e-book, Marketing Wisdom for 2006: 110 Marketers and Agencies Share Real Life Tips [pdf] from Marketing Sherpa, and I was struck the number one marketing trend identified by Marketing Sherpa President Anne Holland:
Broader Copy Kills Results
The upshot is that when marketers and copywriters changed the content of websites, email, and other marketing vehicles in an attempt to attract the broadest possible audience instead of a specific, targetted audience, "the less it appealed to anyone."

The passage reminded me of one of the broadest current distinctions between Republican and Democratic political marketing strategies in the U.S.

Republicans have identified their base, and they market very specific, highly-targetted messages to their base.

Democrats, on the other hand, are so busy neglecting their base to chase swing voters with messages designed to be bland, centrist or right-of-center, offend no one and appeal to everyone...that they make no unique offerings, they alienate their base, and they make no real ground with swing voters.

As any marketing or copywriting intern could tell them.

The lesson?
Identify and target a specific audience. (Better yet, segment and micro-target your audience!)
Identify your product (in politics, that's what that party or candidate can do for me).
Identify your Unique Selling Proposition (what your product can do for me that other products can't).
Deliver specific, targetted messages that sell the benefits of your product to your specific audience.
And if this doesn't make sense, or you can't see how to do it, lock up your policy people in a small room with some top marketing people until they work it out.

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