Thursday, February 16, 2006

Yes, I am a gamer

I don't know if hardcore gamers would consider me a capital-G "Gamer," but computer games (which I still label mentally as "video games") have been a good companion and divertissement for me through the insomnia years.

I play Sims2 (Sims players can see my lot uploads here) and TheMovies. When I am completely exhausted I can play SpiderSolitaire for hours on end. I really love all of the EyezMaze games, especially Tontie (I'm now up to level 14). And I play WildDivine--except that it has been in an unpacked box, somewhere, since our last move. And, I'm really excited about the new release of A Force More Powerful.

Our regular bedtime wind-down game is the free online version of Bookworm--which, being great geeks, we are playing in bed on the laptop right now.

My husband and I used to play the Baldur's Gate series together on our network (at a point when we had 22 computers stacked on each other at the end of our livingroom--some day I'll post a pic of the Great Wall of Networking). Again, the game is in a box. Somewhere.

We are looking around for other multiplayer games we can play together on our network-but they all seem to be shoot-em-up games. My tolerance for game violence maxxes out around the level of Baldur's Gate. I do much better with sandbox games, tycoon games, and civilization-building games.

I should add that we are looking for games that we can play together, not against each other. While the idea of firing weapons at a spouse might appeal to some, that's not our thing.

Unfortunately, games aren't designed with women in mind. Some women like some violent games, obviously...but if you aren't into violent games, especially first-person shooters, there doesn't seem to be much left, especially for multi-player games.

I've heard good things about Black & White by Lionhead Studios (same company as TheMovies), but I haven't tried it out yet.

Are there any other husband-wife (or husband-husband or wife-wife) gaming teams here? Can anyone recommmend multi-player games we might do well with?

Ironically, I started playing Sims and TheMovies...after reading about them on blogs.


I meant to add, that I started playing games online with Legend of the Red Dragon (any other L.O.R.D. veterans here), which I logged into on a local BBS with my 14400k modem.

I also played Genesis (via telnet) for *years.* It is a great, free, text-based MUD--in fact, it is the original LPMud. I'm more interested in the concepts than visuals that someone else has designed, so I do very well with text-based games.

This winter, my husband and I tried the free starter version of Doofus. The economic system inside the game fascinates me, and even though the game is from France, the graphics are supremely Japanese. But, I'm too cheap to pay for a game like that, and the game play in the free area is very limited, so we maxxed it out quickly.

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