Friday, March 24, 2006

Disability Awarness Blogging

My Virginia blogging colleage "A Nut" is holding Disability Awareness Week over at her blog Welcome to the Nuthouse. A Nut works in "a non-profit whose main purpose is to train the up and coming medical professionals how to take leadership and advocacy positions for children with disabilities" and she's sharing her professional insights in some great posts so far on People-First Language and The Hierarchy of Insults.

Let's be honest: it's embarassing how little awareness there is in the top tiers of the progressive blogosphere or iprogressive political circles for that matter about the political issues that people with disabilities and their families fight with every day (and I'm counting myself here, too). Do yourself a favour and go take a free crash course at the Nuthouse. And if you know other blogs that address politics and advocacy by and for people with disabilities, please share your links here. Thanks!


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