Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Email this! - I dare you

This week my various email conversations with different friends all spontaneously came around to the same subject: how disgusted we are at the national Democrats' lemming-like desire to emulate the Vichy government of Nazi-occupied France (hence the term "Vichycrats"), in their absolute inability to oppose anything, stand up for anything, or do anything other than appease, enable, and support the Republican party. 

Were these conversations triggered by the way (with a literal handful of notable exceptions) Democratic Senators left Russ Feingold hanging in the wind when he introduced a motion to censor Bush?  Yes and no.  Yes, in that their actions were despicable.  No, in that this is simply another straw on the rotting corpse of an abused camel.

For a refreshing outbreak of healthy democracy, go check out Crooks and Liars on Boston Legal to the Rescue, where they share a video clip from Boston Legal of actor James Spader delivering an impassioned monologue that covers WMD, to torture, Abu Ghirab, Guantanamo, and illegal wiretapping and points out the importance dissent. It's a read barnburner.  Go check it out.

My question is, why don't Democrats talk like this?  Why are the only people who sound like leaders around here fictional characters in pop culture?

And my challenge to you is: I dare you to email the link to your represent in Congress.  Send them the link and ask them:  why don't you talk like this?

Congressional contacts here.

Senate contacts here.

And don't just pick on Democrats--send it to your Republican representatives, too.  Why the hell should they get a free pass for supporting and enabling the shredding of the constitution and gross violations of human rights?

And then let me know if you get any replies at all. 

If the only role models we have in this country are fictional characters, let's work with that.  And let's turn up the heat.

I have the honour (sic) of being represented by Senator George Allen (R), Senator John Warner (R), and Congressman Eric Cantor. Here is the text of the email I sent to Allen -- the others received essentially the same thing, minus the presidential ambitions part:

Dear Senator Allen:

 I don't know if you watch the television show Boston Legal, so I wanted to send you this video clip directly:

The link goes to an excerpt from a recent episode of Boston Legal, where actor James Spader gives a tremendous speech railing against the gross violations of the constitution by the Bush administration, including extraordinary rendition, torture, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, illegal wire taps, and of course the fraudulent case for the invasion of Iraq.

It astounded me that an actor is doing a better job of "playing" a politician than my elected officials are.

Since I have not heard you speak out against any of these atrocities directly, I am left in the position of assuming that you are in fact opposed to the constitution, opposed to the Geneva Convention, opposed to the basic rights and freedoms of Americans, and opposed to basic human rights in general.

If you ever wish to do a better job of "playing" a politician (it is, after all, an election year), perhaps James Spader or the writing stafff of Boston Legal could make themselves available to give you some pointers.

I realize that you have presidential ambitions and that it is strategically critical for you to pander to your base. However, I encourage you to search your conscience and question how your actions will affect Americans for generations to come.

I have nothing against you personally, I just wish you didn't hate America. I hold out the best wishes and highest hopes that you will experience a crises of conscience and put the best interests of America and Americans in front of your own party and career ambitions.


Shaula Evans

 PS I hope that you or at least one of your staffers actually clicks on the link and watches the clip. It's a helluva speech.

Please feel free to share your emails here as well.

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