Thursday, March 30, 2006

Political Wiki Roundup

Giovanni Rodriquez of Eastwikkers is running a series on 33 Wikis, highlighting best practices in wiki-based collaboration.

He's already covered two great progressive political wikis, the Flu Wiki and Source Watch (formerly the Disinfopedia). Dkosopedia is already on his radar, too.

Giovanni has asked me for examples of other good uses of wikis in politics, so I'm passing on the question to you: if you are aware of progressive political projects making good use of wiki's, and especially if you are part of a progressive wiki project that you want to promote, contact Giovanni at giovanni at eastwick dot com, or leave a comment on the 33 wiki series intro post at Eastwikkers.

And if you're interested in innovative and effective use of Wiki's, check out the whole 33 wiki series.

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