Saturday, April 08, 2006

BBC Music Cube

Doing some research on viral marketing and advergames today, I came across...

...the BBC Music Cube.

The idea is that you build your own "music dna," which generates code for your own Music Cube. You can then add the cube code to your blog or website, and click on it, to access music broadcasts from the BBC radio website (if you are set up with RealPlayer).

My verdict after playing with it briefly is: aesthetically brilliant and great concept. But, the viral power falls a little short in my books -- they could provide easier and more obvious ways to "email to a friend." I also regret their choice to go with RealPlayer, which we aren't particularly fond of in this household.

[My husband, the technical brains here, points out over my shoulder that one can download Real Alternative instead. I'll have to get organized and do that.]

In the meantime, I'm sharing the Music Cube here for you to have fun with.

*Please* don't take this as representative of my musical tastes--most of what I do listen do was not available (no Teresa Berganza or Diamanda Galas, for example, or Great Big Sea).

And if you come across any good viral marketing games or gizmos, drop me a line. I find them absolutely fascinating.

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