Saturday, April 08, 2006

Snazzy Laptop Bags FYI

I seem to recall reading over the past month or so several different women bloggers mentioning at random that they wished they could find more stylish bags for their laptops.

And then today, I stumble across Coquette, which happens to have a post on a new line of tech bags by ACME Made.

Can I remember who those women bloggers were? Maybe Miss Rogue from HorsePigCow? Maybe...a lot of other women? No idea. Hopefully you'll either find your way to this post, or else my belated memory will kick in.

Now I'm not in market for a laptop bag myself. (Why would I need one? I rarely leave the house.) And I tend to go for the utilitarian and functional over stylish in my purchasing decisions. (In grade 5 I horrified my teacher by submitting a design for my "dream house" as completely lined with stainless steel, along with built-in hoses, floor drains, and plastic covers for furniture--not quite the Barbie mansion she was expecting.)

But, I'm sharing the link as a geekgirl-to-geekgirl public service announcement. Hope it helps some fabulous sister blogger out.

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