Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Still kicking, even more than usual

I know we've established a pattern here where if I'm not around the blog, it is easy to assume I'm at death's door.

I'm not! I'm actually doing very well, so well that I'm really busy and fighting to find time to post. This is certainly a nice change.

My original contracting gig has evolved rapidly from part-time work for one client to full-time-plus for multiple clients -- and I love the work and clients both, so I do not begrudge the time in the least.

Plus, last week we moved. We are now house-sitting, for good friends of ours iwho are both on active National Guard duty right now (him, someplace sandy; her, stateside gig outside Virginia that looks to remove her from the overseas deployment queue). Literally overnight we've gone from our unfurnished apartment in Short Pump to a beautiful home in a lovely suburban neighborhood in Chesterfield (south of Richmond, for you non-Richmonders). It feels like "playing grown-up," and we keep waiting for someone to kick us out and give the house to a *real* married couple.

My husband has picked up a significantly longer drive (we used to live almost across the road from where he works), so all of my consulting earnings are ear-marked to save up and buy him a new motorcycle -- the best way to make him happy about the commute. Our old bike has been clinically dead for some time (we donated it to NPR when we moved), so this all works out really nicely.

Since he leaves earlier and comes home later, that gives me between 9 and 11 solo hours a day that I can work on contracting. A great deal all in all.

I am hoping that more regular blogging recommences once we get used to the new home / rhythms of our life.

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