Friday, May 19, 2006

Good News for the Mae West Brigade

The eternally-fabulous BitchPhd has a great discussion up about bra and swimsuit makers for girls with serious curves.

I have to the course of my corsetted life I've gone from too-small to fit, to too-large to fit, so this list is a goldmine as far as I'm concerned.

(Women's clothing trivia: did you know that almost all women's clothes, in North America at least, are built to fit a B-cup? I read that ages ago on Susie Bright's Journal.)

Here's the list, via BitchPhd and her fabulous contributors: will custom make bras in your size -- and they have the sweetest and most compassionate find your fit chart I've ever seen
-- via BitchPhd

Enell sports bras will do custom-tailored ones too
-- via BostonianGirl

Several mentions of Wacoal

Figleaves makes swimsuits sized by bra sizes
-- via BitchPhd

So does Bravissimo
-- via Freya

Curves and Lace for both swimwear and bras
-- via Danae
Now *that's* the wisdom of crowds in action.

I suppose a generation back we would all have been catalogue shoppers. It is at times like this that I really appreciate the Internet.

Viva the Long Tail!

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