Thursday, May 25, 2006

good news I've been dying to share

The news: I have a FABULOUS new job, as Director of Social Media, for a spectacular boutique web design firm.

You're probably connecting the dots yourself...

...but the reason I didn't mention it here before was, this blog has looked like an unmade bed for so long that I really didn't want a link between this mess and the very lovely company and clients I'm working with.

So what prompted this post (and the contingent rush job site clean-up) today?

David Maister (our flagship client) mentioned me by name as one of his technical advisors in an interview about "the art of blogging" this week--so I guess the cat is out of the bag. I know some of my fellow Virginia bloggers from the law community like Steve Minor will recognize David's name, since he is the global management consultant and former Harvard Business School professor who literally wrote the book on professional service firms. As our managing partner likes to point out, we should really be paying David to work for him, because working with David is like getting paid to earn an MBA.

I finally had the opportunity to meet David and his wife Kathy earlier this month: they are both incredibly generous and charming people--and great fun! I can attest that the great strides I've been making with my health this spring are directly related to my Maister-exposure and the time I spend with my incredibly talented and passionate colleagues.

David often writes about how the shoemaker's children go without shoes. Speaking of which, our design firm is going through a redesign of our own website and blog--so that we will no longer be the shoemaker's shoeless children. (David's shown amazing restraint in not teasing us about it, too.) We should have the new splash page up soon, followed shortly by the new company blog, and finally the new website, and I will be very happy to share that good news with you, too, as it unfolds.